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Before the era of the Internet, there was KDIL Blues-Licks -- the world's first xeroxed 'zine. A four-time winner of the coveted Axel W. Mars award for distinguished journalism, KDIL Blues-Licks ceased publication in 1978 when editor-in-chief J. White Lumber Jr. tragically succumbed to toner poisoning. Click below to view sample pages from the Blues-Licks' archives.
Blues-Licks one-page inaugural issue
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #5
Sausage contest shows nice gains
Issue #6
Arabian uplift
Perfect master weds
A. J. Bayless and Satan team up
Phoenix German-American society
Issue #7
Religious goods & curios
Issue #8
Heavy metal frogs
Help wanted
Back cover of issue #8
Issue #9
Godzilla meets Springsteen
Shot gunning with Robert Stack
Young strokers
Does Chip Carter stand alone in the tideless ocean of space?
Gonna put it in the want ads
The dykes of Amsterdam
Issue #10
Meet the KDIL Disciples of Satan
If you give them a good song they're going to listen
Issue #11
Why are we so stupid?
We get letters...
Thoughts that'll make you think
Terminal hipness
The Marketplace
Elron Hubbard executive directive


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