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KDIL has played a vitally important role in Arizona's radio history since first signing on the AM band in the early 70's. From studios located in stately Dill Manor near downtown Phoenix, K-DIL quickly established itself as a beacon of hope for these troubled times. Following an unfortunate incident involving a huge sinkhole opening up and swallowing the entire station, "The Incredible K-DIL" was off the air only as long as it took for the surviving staff to drive the station van to emergency facilities at the Satanic Tabernacle of Wickenburg, where KDIL quickly re-established itself on the FM band -- which we've dominated (benignly of course) ever since!


KDIL's Dill Manor master control panel. Danger: High Voltage! KDIL's first Wickenburg studio. When they ran out of solder, engineering staff used Zig-Zags.

Fans of oldtime radio will appreciate these early photos of KDIL's broadcasting operations and facilities.

Eddie Satan before the horns started to show. KDIL becomes a true Radio Showcase after a series of $30 equipment upgrades.

Before the internet...there was KDIL Blues Licks!


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