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Axel Mars--Living The Blues

The old bluesman himself, Axel Mars, pauses for a moment of quiet reflection on the nature of life itself -- and Living The Blues.

KDIL Front DeskVisitors to the KDIL complex can always count on being greeted with open arms -- and loving hands -- by longtime receptionist Blanche White. "You just can't take shortcuts with security these days," as she's so fond of saying. Due to the increasing numbers of guests and clients, KDIL staff members have had to be limited to 1 cavity search per day.

KDIL Night wid da Mayor

A couple of homegrown Certified Public Inebriates get down at a recent KDIL night, celebrated every Friday at Chester's Boogie Palace located on the infamous Wickenburg Strip.

Happy Birthday...to whom it may concern!

Tune to KDIL every weekday morning at 5:13 AM. If Hal Murray announces your birthday, you win a fabulous KDIL Birthday Party for you and a bunch of your closest cronies!

K-DILdo Days

A traditional summer spectacular Wickenburgers look forward to all year long, this is the kind of event that spells community involvement with a capital "D"!


Hail (or something) to the ChiefKDIL recently gave away an all-expenses-paid getaway to Washington, D.C. Here our lucky winner, Zeke Feldspar, pays his respects to the President, seen waving to Zeke below in cheerful appreciation. (Click on photo below for more Bush...if you dare...)

Have you done your part today?

Imagine what you'd do with a fabulous KDIL prize like this!

KDIL's contest policy: We allow one winner per household per 30 days, in order to give everyone a chance to win!

Every fall KDIL conducts a drive to buy school textbooks for needy kids.

The legendary literary masterpiece by Arthur Fox



KDIL urges you to attend the church of your choice...or else listen to the Rev. O.L. Jaggers (right) every Sunday morning. (Click on Dr. Jaggers' photo for a real (surprising) Religious Anointing! Click below to learn more about Jesus.)

Dr. O.L. Jaggers says Click For A Treat!

Listen for the next K-DIL Pet Patrol. If you lose or find a pet, call KDIL Radio for assistance.

The K-DIL Pet Patrol

Kool kats krave K-DIL!

So...what do K-DIL listeners look like? Well, they look like you...and you...and Me!

Major Zipoff Dr. George 'Baby' Cooing Clyde Clampdown Don G. Camelback




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